How Is Satan Depicted in Popular Culture?


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Satan is portrayed in a variety of ways in popular culture. The most common way Satan is depicted is as a large reddish creature with horns, hooves for feet and a pitchfork in one of his claw-like hands.

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How Is Satan Depicted in Popular Culture?
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There are other ways that Satan is portrayed in today's pop culture. The first way is as an erotic and sensual-type woman who seduces and lures men into her trap and kills them. The second portrayal of Satan is of a cool-unassuming guy who tempts individuals into sins such as using drugs, fornication or lust, and other "minor" type sins. The third portrayal of Satan is of a normal-looking human male who wanders around town tempting other humans or famously offering them a deal in exchange for their soul. The fourth way that Satan is depicted in pop culture and in some movies is as an exaggerated form of the common representation of him: having overly large horns, having extremely dark reddish skin, and being overly muscular. The last way that Satan is shown in pop culture is through the use of a child, most commonly referred to as the Antichrist. The child is mostly depicted as a quiet young man who never assumes the troubles he causes others.

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