What Is the Sandford “Prey” Series in Order?

The “Prey” series of novels by John Sandford begins with the novel “Rules of Prey,” followed by “Shadow of Prey,” “Eyes of Prey,” “Silent Prey” and “Winter Prey.” As of June 2015, the series comprises 25 full-length novels.

The “Prey” books are a series of crime novels written by John Sanford. The novels focus on the character of lieutenant Lucas Davenport. Each novel follows a different set of crimes that Davenport must solve.

The first novel in the “Prey” series, “Rules of Prey,” was originally released in 1989. This novel introduces Davenport as he follows the case of an intelligent serial killer. Since “Rules of Prey,” a new “Prey” novel has been released every year except for 1997. The novel in the series released in January of 2015 is titled “Gathering Prey.” “Gathering Prey” sees lieutenant Davenport’s adopted daughter join him on a case when the daughter suspects her friend is the target of a killer.

John Sanford’s entire series of “Prey” novels are currently available for purchase on Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com or BooksAMillion.com. The titles are also available as audio books, or as e-books compatible with the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook, or with Apple and Android devices.