What Are Some Samples of Vision Statements?


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Amazon's vision statement is one long sentence with two basic concepts involving customers who can find and purchase any item online. CEO Tim Cook laid out Apple's goals in an interview when he said innovation, technology and great products drive the company. Coca Cola's five-tiered goals include profit, people, portfolio, partners and planet. Avon wishes to satisfy the self-fulfillment needs of women around the world with its products and services.

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A vision statement offers employees or individuals a set of forward-thinking ideas that outline desired basic goals for the future. This kind of statement contains aspirational and inspirational language without listing the practical means with which to achieve the vision. Large companies, charities, organizations, small businesses and individuals all create vision statements as a way to focus their resources and planning. These outlines can be a single sentence or several paragraphs long.

Vision statements need to inspire employees to achieve future goals. Vision statements often help determine where a company or individual seeks to be in future years. These statements may change over time as a company revises its goals when the business expands, contracts or changes its overall strategy and focus. Many companies keep the same vision statements for years, decades or generations.

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