What Are Some Samples of an Engagement Toast?

There are an infinite number of engagement toast examples, based on who is giving the toast. One sample of a future groom toast is to simply say, "Friends and family, thanks for sharing this moment with my future wife and I." Another example is, "I look forward to spending the rest of life with my future wife and her family. Cheers."

Some people like to interject humor into an otherwise sentimental occasion. A humorous example of a toast by a future groom is to say, "Here's to the rest of my life in chains full of extended family love."

Regardless of the engagement toast or who gives it, according to Perfect-Wedding-Day.com, it is important to remember three things: the verbal toast or proposal, the agreement and the draining of the cup. These actions symbolize the full tradition of the engagement toast. Engagement toasts are often performed by the future bride and groom, parents of both, the best man and the maid of honor. Perfect-Wedding-Day.com also list some do's and do not's for the engagement toast. This list includes: keep it simple; stand up; instruct guests; show/tell guests how to word the toast by raising a glass while speaking in a louder voice; humor is acceptable; incorporate pauses during transitions; smile; sit down after the toast; be mindful of language; and set a good pace. All of these tips are subject to interpretation according to the style and preferences of each group.