What Are Some Sample Questions From a Past Life Generator Quiz?


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Past life quizzes ask a variety of personality-oriented questions, such as, "While channel surfing, are you more likely to stop on The History Channel, CNN, ESPN, TLC or WE?" and, "What makes your mouth water: a vegan buffet, cakes and cookies, a turkey dinner, or roast chicken with fried potatoes and onions?" Past life generators, such as the Slate reincarnation machine and NewAgeStore.com's past life generator, usually ask for only a birthdate. These tools are designed for entertainment purposes.

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The Slate reincarnation machine matches an individual with a well-known person who died on or just before the day the user was born. Another person who died near that person's birthday follows. Some past life generators offer a single reading with information about personality traits, past professions and lessons learned in a previous existence, based on the user's date of birth.

The questions on the past life quiz at Gurl.com cater to young women and include, "Your must-have accessory is: a long strand of pearls, your laptop, a cute hat, bling-bling or sneakers?" and, "In the winter, are you getting facials and massages, curling up to the fire with a novel, hitting the slopes, catching up on DVR or going to the movies with friends?" Brainfall.com's past life quiz contains questions that target a wider audience, such as, "The surest way to happiness is living a virtuous life, fulfilling your destiny, working and playing hard, or not sure yet?"

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