What Are Some Sample Questions Asked on a Psychological Exam?


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The questions on a psychological exam are usually asked by questionnaire or a checklist, and according to The American Psychological Association they ask questions about the history or background of a person's life experience, questions about depression or other mental disorders and questions about the history of or current drug use by the patient. Questions asked on a psychological exam vary widely depending on the reason for the evaluation.

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The questions measure specific psychological disorders and specific questions on these types of exams are not obtainable by the general public. They are only available to and can only be administered by a licensed behavioral health professional.

However, there are psychological exams that measure other types of traits that are used for research purposes. These scales cover the attitudes of certain groups, personality traits and intelligence. On an attitude test, questions asked reflect the viewpoint of the person to some societal norms or changes. An example of a true or false question on this type of test is "Women are better at parenting than men." For personality traits an example of a true of false question is "I am very sensitive." Questions on an intelligence test measure a person's aptitude in reading or pattern awareness. Intelligence test sample questions are only obtainable by professionals who are licensed to administer the exam.

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