What Are Some Sample Psychometric Test Questions and Answers?


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Psychometric tests are used to assess the differences between people in their intelligence and abilities, according to the Assessment Psychology website. A battery of these tests are often given to applicants for a job. A sample question on numerical reasoning at Practice Aptitude Tests online, for example, asks questions on a chart of widget production by year over a span of five years and three different grades of products at different monetary values.

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One question was on the total value of two of the grades of widgets produced in one year, and the answer was a multiple choice of four different monetary values, which required a number of mathematical processes of division, multiplication, and addition, as well as the ability to read the chart to choose the correct answer among the four choices given. Another question on the same chart postulated about an increase of production of a certain grade of widgets by 26 percent in the following year, inquiring about their value, and the answer required multiplying by a percentage.

Another test question assessing verbal reasoning ability gives a reading passage about mortgages, including a definition, history and description, making a statement about where a person could obtain a mortgage, with answers being true/false or cannot tell.

Other psychometric tests measure attitudes. A sample question of this type from the Cite HR website, asks the respondent to say when you get interrupted while working very hard or concentrating intensely, do you welcome the break, get extremely irritated or vary between these two extremes.

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