What Are Some Sample Methodist Church Forms?


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Sample Methodist church forms include forms for general audits as well as those to be used for the Charge Conference. These, along with separate forms for local churches, forms for use by their clergy or pastors, and forms for statistical reports, are available from the website for the United Methodist's General Council on Finance and Administration.

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Forms for general audits include individual aspects of the church to be reviewed on a regular basis. They come alongside a guide titled "Frequently Asked Questions About the Local Church Audit," which explains not only how to perform the audit, but its importance.

Charge Conference forms include the Accessibility Audit Form, Annual Report of the Committee on Finance, Annual Report of Trustees, Fund Balance Report and Insurance Worksheet. Minutes of the Charge Conference, the Report of Pastor, Appointment to Extension Ministry and forms applying to Lay Servant Ministries are also required.

Forms for the clergy or pastor's use include the Clergy Housing Allowance Clarification Act of 2002, as well as the Clergy Tax Packet. On the local level, churches receive both the short and long form versions of the Accountable Reimbursement Policies forms. They also receive forms concerning membership and participation, church assets and expenses, and church income. These forms are available in English, Spanish and Korean, and are used to generate statistical reports.

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