What Are Some Sample Homilies for Catholic Mass?


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A homily helps readers with understanding scriptures. A priest in a Roman Catholic Church delivers a homily after a reading of the scriptures, and he interprets the reading, making it easier for the congregants to relate it to their daily lives.

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A priest ensures he delivers an engaging homily as a way of growing his faith and that of the congregation. A technique priests often use in homilies is to tell of their own experiences to help the listeners understand the meaning of the scriptures. Priests also borrow lessons from present situations in which the listeners find themselves to explain scripture.

Unlike a sermon, which is a talk on a religious subject, a homily provides an explanation of the scriptures. A good homily involves an explanation of the scriptures, touches on the foundational beliefs within the church. It also explains how those beliefs apply to the lives of the congregants. A priest uses them to challenge parishioners to embrace the word of God and lead sincere Christian lives.

Priests give homilies during normal mass and during special occasions, such as weddings, baptisms and funerals. Only an ordained minister of the church, such as a priest or a deacon, can deliver a homily because it requires that the person have undergone the sacrament of holy orders.

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