Who Is Salome in the Bible?

In the Bible, Salome was a woman who danced for the head of John the Baptist. Another Salome that garners less attention was supposedly the wife of Zebedee and was a follower of Jesus. She was there at his crucifixion and at his tomb before the resurrection.

The infamous Salome who demanded the head of John the Baptist lived around the first century A.D. Her mother, Herodias, held a grudge against John the Baptist because of the prophet's criticism of her morality. Salome was not only the daughter of Herodias, but of Herod Philip as well. The problem occurred when Herodias had an affair with her husband's brother Herod Antipas, the king. She divorced her husband for Herod, who was married at the same time to somebody else.

John the Baptist told Herod that his marriage to Herodias was neither lawful nor right. Herodias was unhappy with this indictment. As a result, Salome danced for her father-in-law Herod. Upon seeing her dance, he promised to give her anything she wanted. Influenced by her mother, she requested the head of John the Baptist on a charger. Although killing John the Baptist grieved him, Herod did as he promised and had the prophet beheaded.