Who Was Saint Grace?

Saint Grace is a Catholic saint that was the sister of Saint Maria and Saint Bernard. She was of Muslim descent, but converted to Catholicism.

Saint Grace, along with the help of her brother and sister, worked to help convert their brother, Almanzor, to the Catholic religion. They wanted him to see that the Muslim life was not the right option and that the Catholic church would be able to help save his soul. Their fourth sibling was fiercely loyal to his Muslim traditions and was not interested in converting. He chose his religion over the blood of his family and turned his family into the authorities. The military authorities martyred Saint Grace in 1180 and the day that a feast commemorates her is the first of June.

The father of Grace, her brothers and her sister was a Muslim Caliph. He was a higher power in the Muslim church and was able to provide the church with nearly everything that his family needed. Being a higher power in a church caused him to become heavily disgraced when the majority of his children decided that Catholicism was the correct way to go. The family never reconciled after the children converted to Catholicism.