What Are Some Safe Foods on the South Beach Diet Phase 1 Food List?

Erik Leonsson/Maskot/Getty Images

Foods on the South Beach Diet Phase 1 list include lean proteins, vegetables, nuts and seeds, dairy, and beans and legumes. Phase 1 also allows for items intended to enhance the flavor of foods, such as fats, oils, seasonings and condiments. Finally, Phase 1 allows the South Beach dieter to occasionally indulge in sweets, such as jams, jellies and syrups.

The South Beach Diet plan is divided into four phases. Phase 1 is meant to introduce the dieter to the South Beach way of eating. It is designed to stabilize blood sugar and help the control cravings in the earliest stage of weight loss. The Phase 1 stage of the diet lasts for two weeks before starting the next phase.

South Beach Diet officials have several tips for getting started with the diet in the first phase. These tips include learning about the types of foods that are allowed on the plan and learning how to create meals. Each day the dieter consumes three meals plus two snacks and a high-protein dessert that is low in sugar. Before starting Phase 1, South Beach officials recommend clearing the pantry of items that are prohibited. Many of these foods are reintroduced during later phases.