What’s the Best Way to Reheat Boiled Crawfish?

The best way to reheat boiled crawfish is to steam them in a steamer basket inside of a large pot. Add in enough water to generate steam, and steam them until warm. The crawfish is then ready to peel and eat. This re-steaming method is preferable over microwaving and other methods because it minimizes any texture changes to the fish.

If there is a lot of leftover crawfish, it is a good idea to use the leftovers in recipes so they don’t go to waste. The remaining crawfish needs to be peeled so the delectable meat can be turned into any number of dishes. When using fresh crawfish for recipes, a gallon of them yields around one cup of fish. Many people enjoy adding fresh crawfish to a mixture of eggs, mushrooms, peppers and onions to make a quick seafood omelet. Crawfish etoufee is a favorite New Orleans dish that combines crawfish, celery, onions, bell peppers, and a bevy of savory spices in a satisfying stew.

Crawfish bread is another delicious way to enjoy leftovers. The crawfish is cooked in a skillet with garlic, green onions and Creole seasoning. The filling is placed onto refrigerated dough and topped with two cheeses. The dough is rolled and baked for 10 minutes.