What's the Best Way to Prevent Bullying?

Some good ways to prevent bullying are to pay attention to incidents of bullying, create a sense of community, empathy and trust, and have an anti-bullying code or a code of conduct that everyone abides by. Having leaders among the kids or increasing adult supervision can also help.

Incidents of bullying should be promptly dealt with and taken seriously. This encourages bullied people to come forward when it happens so that the bully can be punished or spoken to by an authority figure. If a teacher tends to promptly help and handle the situation, bullying can be reduced.

Teaching empathy, especially among younger students, helps reduce bullying by letting each child better understand how others feel, according to Playworks. Those with empathy are less likely to bully and more likely to step in when they see bullying happen. This helps build a sense of community within classrooms or organizations. Authority figures should make sure to listen to all sides during bullying instances and be firm but fair.

An anti-bullying code and a code of conduct gives people guidelines on how to act. When these things are already written down and understood, it is easier to prevent bullying and respond when it happens.