What’s the Difference Between Advil and Motrin?

Carol Browne/CC-BY-2.0

There is no difference between Advil and Motrin — both are brand names of ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is an over-the-counter drug that is a combination of a pain reliever and a fever reducer, and it is available for kids and adults alike, according to About.com.

Although ibuprofen is a pain reliever, it is also used to relieve tenderness, stiffness and swelling associated with osteoarthritis. Further, it can be used to relieve pain associated with toothache, menstruation and headache, according to MedlinePlus. Most generally, ibuprofen is taken in tablet form, but chewable and liquid formulas are also available. Ibuprofen is sometimes also combined with diphenhydramine and sold as a sleep aid, either in generic form or as Advil PM or Motrin PM.