What Are Some RV Trailers With Good Reviews?

John Elk/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

As of August 2015, some RV trailers with good online reviews are the Airstream travel trailer, Nash 22H from Northwood Manufacturing and Keystone’s Cougar XLite 30RLI. According to About.com, Airstream trailers have a reputation for being durable, affordable and stable. The sleek, aerodynamic design enhances fuel mileage.

A review on Camping Life’s website states that the relatively small Nash 22H contains the necessary creature comforts. It travels equally well on both smooth and rough terrain. In addition, the trailer has both a solar panel and a generator. A Camping Life reviewer says the Keystone Cougar has an upscale appearance and is spacious. However, the trailer is also comparatively light for the space and features it provides, such as a convertible sofa bed, built-in end tables and recliners.