How Do You View a Rustoleum Spray Paint Color Chart?

As of December 2015, view Rustoleum spray paint color charts on the company’s website. On the Rustoleum product page, choose a specific type of spray paint, such as metallic, protective enamel, multicolor textured spray, automotive primer and bright coat. The next page provides a product paint color chart and overview.

Hovering over a color on the chart makes the color name appear. For example, Rustoleum’s protective enamel page displays a color chart with over 40 different shades, such as gloss lagoon, dark hunter green, carnival red and gloss French roast.

The Rustoleum company began in 1921. Its founder was sea captain Robert Fergusson. He experimented to develop a paint that could protect ships from rusting. Fergusson was inspired by fish oil that spilled onto the metal deck and prevented corrosion.

One of Rustoleum’s newer spray paint lines is Never Wet, which comes in frosted clear, bright white and silver gray. The product creates a moisture-repellent barrier on most surfaces, such as metal, wood, PVC, concrete and canvas. The paint is not intended for electronics or clothing. Another company innovation for spray paint is the creation of high-quality small project paints that cover more area with less paint. This means fewer cans of paint end up in the trash can or recycling bin.