What Do Russian People Eat?

Some famous Russian dishes include borscht, a beet soup, and blinys, a Russian-style crepe. Blinys can be made sweet by filling them with fruits, jams or honey, or served savory, filled with ground meat, mushrooms, cottage cheese, cabbage and other vegetables.

The most popular way in Russia to eat a bliny is with sour cream and smoked salmon or caviar. Because Russia has a long border with cold-water seas, fish has historically been available in abundance. Nobility dined on sturgeon, caviar, salmon, herring, eel and all other sorts of fish.

Another popular dish, especially for breakfast, is a gourmet sort of porridge called kasha made from wheat, barley, oats, rice and rye.

Pelmeni is a Russian-type of ravioli. The little dumplings are usually stuffed with meat, fish, farmers cheese or mushrooms. They are usually made in huge batches, and frozen to keep fresh. Pelmenis are boiled, and then typically served with sour cream, butter or vinegar. In the far east of Russia, an area more influenced by Asia, pelmenis are served with a Chinese soy sauce.

Russian people also eat a lot of pickled foods. Historically, pickling food was important due to the shortage of fresh food available in the long winters. Russians pickled vegetables, fruits, fish and other perishable food to ensure a varied diet throughout the year.