What Are Some Facts About Russian Culture and Customs?

What Are Some Facts About Russian Culture and Customs?

Russian culture and customs include many conventions regarding gift giving and dining etiquette as well as business etiquette. Russian culture also has a complex system of names and titles.

Gift giving etiquette in Russia requires visitors to bring a gift when they visit someone else's home. Male visitors are expected to bring flowers, though yellow flowers are considered inappropriate. It is also considered bad luck to give a baby gift before the child is born.

When dining, visitor are expected to arrive no more than 15 minutes late, and they should remove their shoes before entering the house. They should be well dressed and offer to help the host clean up after the meal. While eating, the oldest or most honored guest is served first.

Business cards are exchanged at a first meeting when it is not a very formal affair. Hierarchy is important, with senior level management making decisions as well as age and position.

In Russian culture, the first name is chosen by the parents and the middle name is derived from the father's name. The family's surname functions are passed along to the child. It is not uncommon for Russian people to have one or more nicknames.