Who Are Some Rumored Members of the Illuminati?


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Many people in the entertainment industry are rumored to be members of the Illuminati, including Jay-Z and Beyonce. Other famous purported Illuminati include Madonna, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.

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Who Are Some Rumored Members of the Illuminati?
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According to conspiracy theorists, the Illuminati is a secret group of powerful people working to create a single government for the entire world, among other shadowy goals. Proponents of this theory often point out supposed secret signals used by celebrities as proof that the given celebrity belongs to this group. These symbols can include hand gestures, artwork or clothing choices. They can be something as simple and common as a pyramid or triangle shape. Other people are rumored to be part of the Illuminati simply because of the position they hold, such as England's Queen Elizabeth II and the Pope.

As of 2015, Jay-Z is probably one of the most famous alleged members of the Illuminati. The rapper is aware of the rumors and started intentionally including references to the secret group in his lyrics and album art, which fuels the rumors. Lady GaGa is another musician who intentionally includes Illuminati symbols in her artwork as a sly reference to the rumors of her involvement.

Politicians are also frequently rumored to be members of the Illuminati. President Obama is a common target of these rumors, although some conspiracy theorists claim that the entire U.S. government is run by the Illuminati.

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