What Are the Rummikub Board Game Rules?

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Rummikub is played with similar rules to Rummy, except using tiles instead of cards. Players try to create runs, consisting of three or more consecutive numbered tiles in the same color, or groups, which are three or more of the same number in different colors.

A game of Rummikub begins with each player drawing 14 tiles and then trying to create runs or groups. Points are determined by the numbers on the tiles, and a player must make an initial “meld” worth 50 or more points to start laying tiles. For example, a set of a blue four, five and six is worth 15 points, while a set of an orange, blue and black six is worth 18 points. A player would need another 13 points to make an initial meld.

Once a player has placed their 50-point meld on the table, they may begin to manipulate and rearrange melds. Melds must contain at least three tiles, but they can be broken up to make new melds. If a player can’t add to a meld (either their own or their opponents’), she must pick up a tile and end her turn.

The goal of the game is to end up with no remaining tiles to play.