What Are the Rules of Tajweed?


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There are various rules that need to be followed when reciting the Quran, which include correct articulation, vowel movements and prescribed points of exit. Arabic uses a combination of symbols and letters, and when there are multiple tashdeeds together in a group of words, recitation must be carried out with care to avoid mistakes.

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There are 17 different points of articulation when reciting the Quran, situated in different areas of the throat, tongue, lips, nose and mouth. There are certain letters known as the emphatic consonants, which should be pronounced with greater strength and a heavier accent than other letters. Do this by squeezing the voice box while reciting, or by slightly raising the back of the tongue. All other letters are pronounced more gently and with a lighter accent.

There are various symbols that indicate when a pause should be taken, signalling whether a stop is compulsory, advised or permitted if desired. There are also numerous manners involved that include understanding the origin of the word, showing humility, understanding the meaning, and disregarding all other thoughts during recitation.

Physical manners include facing the Qiblah, wearing appropriate clothing, asking Allah for mercy and protection when indicated by certain verses, and using pure Arabic pronunciation.

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