What Are the Rules for Respectful Flag Display?


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Some rules for respectfully displaying the American flag include how to display it with other flags, when marching, on a dais, over a street and flying half-staff. Flag etiquette precludes using the flag for decoration but to use bunting with blue, white and red, ordering the colors top to bottom.

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What Are the Rules for Respectful Flag Display?
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When displaying the flag with other flags, the American flag goes at the top if there is just one flag pole. If flags are grouped, the American flag is positioned to its right and other national flags fly at the same height. If the flag is being carried, it goes to the marchers' right.

On a dais, the flag goes above and behind the speaker, unless it is mounted on a flag staff, in which case it stands to the speaker's right. When hanging the flag over a street, the star field faces east or north, according to the street's orientation. On Memorial Day, the flag flies at half-mast until noon, at which time it is raised.

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