What Are the Rules for the Card Game 500?

The rules of the card game 500 include players scoring by creating matched sets from their seven cards, which are laid on the table, and the playerreaching a score of 500 first after several hands of play is declared the winner. Face cards are scored for 10 points, aces are 15 points, except when used as a 1, and all other cards are scored on value.

Two to eight people can play the card game 500. If five or more players are in the game, a double deck of cards is required for play. Partners can be formed if there are four player; otherwise, the game is played individually.

Players draw for the deal,and once the dealer gives each players seven cards, the undealt portion of the cards isplaced face down in the center of the table and the top card flipped up beside the deck to create a discard pile. Each player takes turns either taking a card from the top of the deck or from the discard pile to attempt to make a match set or consecutive run with the existing cards. When taking from the discard pile, the player must take all cards above the selected card and must immediately use the top card taken.

When a player has no more cards, that player isout,and the players with cards left must deduct those points from their overall scores. The game is played until one player reaches 500.