What Are Some Rude Hand Gestures From Around the World?


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Rude hand gestures from around the world include the chin flick, forearm jerk, fig and five fathers. Other rude hand gestures include cutis and moutza.

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The chin flick involves a person flicking his chin with his hand in a forward motion. It is offensive in France, and it means that the person is flashing his masculinity. In Arab countries, gesturing the five fathers means that you are referring to the recipient's mother as a prostitute. It involves pressing the right-hand fingers together while pointing at them with your left index finger. In France, the forearm jerk equates to showing the middle finger.

The fig gesture that involves making a fist with the thumb protruding between the index and middle finger. It is rude in countries such as Italy, where it implies female genitalia. It is also an obscene insult in Turkey, Indonesia and Russia. In places such as Greece and Africa, the moutza indicates displeasure. The moutza involves extending an open palm toward another person.

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