What Are the Romantic Meanings of Some Types of Precious Stones?


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The romantic meanings of a diamond are love, purity and constancy, which is why it is the most popular stone for engagement and wedding rings. Rubies symbolize passionate love, while sapphires encourage constancy in love.

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Pearls, one of the few gemstones made out of a plant or animal, symbolize faithfulness and purity, while jade represents harmony, purity and charity. Onyx is said to bring marital happiness and opal symbolizes the tenderness of love. Opal enhances faithfulness and pure thoughts in the person who wears it.

The purple amethyst is emblematic of deep love, while the blue aquamarine brings continuing constancy and faithfulness. Lapis lazuli brings love and happiness to its wearer while peridot symbolizes friendship and marriage and wards off betrayal. Sardonyx brings happiness in marriage and divine love and wearing topaz encourages fidelity. When given as a gift, turquoise is a pledge of friendship.

Tourmaline symbolizes love and friendship and helps to make relationships strong and enduring. Amber, a gemstone made from plant resin symbolizes general and romantic love as well as marital love. Kunzite, a gem with a delicate pink and violet color, symbolizes unconditional love and is a jewel sought by lovers. Pink manganocalcite, or Reiki stone, exemplifies several types of love, including self-love, universal love and maternal love. Sodalite also symbolizes self-love.

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