How Do You Get Free Romantic Compatibility Reports?


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One example of an astrological romantic compatibility report, available online for free, is the report generator at E-Tarocchi.com. Another example of a free online compatibility report is available at AstroGraph.com.

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To generate a romantic compatibility report, enter both people's names, dates of birth including years, and time of birth at E-Tarocchi.com. The time must be in Greenwich mean time and entered in 24-hour form to ensure accuracy. For people who are unaware of the correct birth time, entering 12:00 generates the most accurate possible report. The same information, plus the current location of each person, is also necessary to generate a report at AstroGraph.com.

Generating a full report including the location of all planets at a person's birth time, rather than simply comparing birth signs, provides a more complete analysis of compatibility. Every chart compares the location of each planet to provide a thorough analysis of compatibility, including explorations of a partnership's skills in communication, intimacy, romance and other factors. The website states that all reports include both positive and negative aspects of a potential relationship, and they should be assessed by comparing these aspects. By weighing the good and bad aspects in the report against each other, users can analyze for themselves whether the positive or negative traits appear more dominant.

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