What Are Some Roman Catholic Daily Homilies?


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Some Roman Catholic daily homilies include Mark Latta's daily reflection for November 12, 2015 that discusses exercising discernment in daily life and the December 24 homily that discusses Zechariah's life and God's promise to Abraham. The December 25, 2015 homily wishes congregants a Merry Christmas and goes on to say that Jesus reflects God the Father.

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Latta's daily reflection of November 12 says that is important to use proper judgment and discernment in everyday life. Latta goes on to say that discernment is often nuanced in modern life. Latta quotes the Catholic Book of Wisdom to discuss some of the attributes of modern wisdom.

The daily homily for Christmas Day 2015 wishes church goers the ongoing joy and peace of Jesus. The priest goes on to discuss the mystery of the Holy Trinity. The priest says that many people did not recognize Jesus as the Messiah at his birth. Jesus brings God's love and goodness to humankind. Christmas is a time of human optimism and uplifted spirits. The priest ends the homily by praying that the glory of the Lord continue with humankind throughout the year.

The Christmas Eve homily discusses Zechariah's parentage of John. Zechariah's story fulfills the Biblical prophesies of John. God removed Zechariah's ability to speak until Zechariah wrote on a tablet that he would name the son John. The priest mentions that God's story and the light of salvation began to come true in the story of Zechariah and his son John.

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