What Is the Role of Women in Igbo Culture?

role-women-igbo-culture Credit: De Agostini / C. Sappa/De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images

The role of women in Igbo culture is to first make a pure bride for an honorable man. While in the marriage, women are required to play a submissive role to their husbands. Lastly, they are required to bear as many children as possible. Women also play a role in being skilled in farming, trade and handicrafts while being responsible for all domestic duties at home.

According to Encyclopedia.com, women play a "powerful and active behind-the-scenes role" in Igbo cultures. Their approval is needed before marriages are completed. They also play a prominent role in public life as an organized force in both economics and politics. Despite their stature as being submissive, they are highly valued in the culture because their ability to give birth is what keeps the society afloat throughout generations. In contemporary Igbo society, women have evolved into a more active role in areas of help and service. For example, they have taken over the role in advanced churches through the society. Several women have also taken on prominent roles in hospitals as nurses. In many cases, their roles as nurses have taken time away from their duties at home. Nonetheless, their advancement has been supported because they are the staple of these societies.