What Is the Role of Lucifer in the Illuminati and the New World Order?

The Illuminati worship Lucifer as their god and his role in the New World Order is that of a world leader, having complete control of mankind. The Illuminati's goal is to create a one-world government and single monetary system through serving Satan.

One of the longest living conspiracies, the Illuminati is believed to consist of the world's elite who have full power and control of the media. Most members are believed to be high-ranking officials and top political leaders. The order is thought to consist of secretive committees whose history travels back to the ancient world. As followers of Satan, it is long believed their goal is to "destroy god" and promote hatred.

The Illuminati's goal of worldwide domination begins with the New World Order, intended to be a one-world government with strict limitations on society, such as the control of the number of children per household. Their goal is to eliminate the middle class so that only the higher and lower class remain as the rulers and the servants.

With the uprising and establishment of the New World Order, the Illuminati are believed to envision a global monetary system, where the leaders stake their control over the financial system worldwide.