What Is the Role of Humanities in a Man's Life?

role-humanities-man-s-life Credit: Startrooper/CC-BY 2.0

The humanities play a number of roles in a man's life, including providing greater insight into the world, helping to better understand both the past and the future and fostering a sense of empathy. Broadly defined, the humanities are the study of human culture through art, literature, philosophy, music and languages.

The humanities provide a greater insight into the world at large. Students of the humanities learn how to examine different facets of the world, think more critically and ask questions. A humanities education can help enhance an individual's understanding of nearly anything, from politics to painting. The humanities' examination of the human experience adds to the overall understanding of the world.

Humanities students and scholars seek to catalog different cultures, languages and histories, building a compendium of human knowledge and always seeking a deeper understanding of that knowledge. Accordingly, students of the humanities often have a greater understanding of humankind's past and potential future. Investigating what has already occurred in human culture offers a more refined ability to interpret the various ways that culture might progress. Additionally, the humanities serve to foster a greater sense of empathy and understanding of others. Students of the humanities focus on both their own culture and the cultures of others, creating a more developed understanding of those with different backgrounds.