What Is the Role of Feng Shui in Vietnamese Culture?


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As in other nations in which feng shui is widely practiced, Vietnamese practitioners believe feng shui is a way of achieving peace of mind, health and prosperity. Some proponents, recognizing the success of those nations in which feng shui has been practiced for centuries, believe it contributes to economic success.

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Several nations around Vietnam in which feng shui is popular have experienced economic prosperity over the past few decades. Because the nation's people want to achieve the same level of prosperity, and because it is also viewed as a way to fight bad Western influences, feng shui is a rising trend in Vietnam. The Vietnamese are also somewhat superstitious and believe that in order to keep bad luck at bay, one has to do what one can to shut it out completely.

Feng shui is a practice that originated in China. It was brought to Vietnam during Chinese domination. It is a philosophy that ties birth signs and colors to the optimal arrangement of home and business interiors. The idea behind feng shui is that energy within the earth directly affects us. By not positioning living quarters in a way that allows the energy to flow positively, a person creates negative energy that leads to misfortune. This idea of positive and negative energy complements the Vietnamese ideas about bad luck.

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