What Role Did Denis Diderot Play in the Enlightenment?

role-did-denis-diderot-play-enlightenment Credit: Stefano Oppo/Cultura/Getty Images

Denis Diderot had an important influence on the Enlightenment in several ways, but particularly through his editorship of the Encyclopedia. This scholarly work, which consisted of 28 volumes, had contributions from many of the most prominent Enlightenment figures.

The Enlightenment, which occurred during the late 17th to early 19th centuries, was a period of revolutionary advances in science, politics and philosophy. The ideas propagated by Enlightenment thinkers greatly influenced crucial events of the time, such as the American Revolution. Key enlightenment intellectuals, such as Diderot, Voltaire and David Hume, did not agree on every point, but they all strongly believed in the power of reason and rationality.