How Do You Find Your Rising Sign?

How Do You Find Your Rising Sign?

How Do You Find Your Rising Sign?

Find your rising sign by calculating which astrological sign was on the horizon at the time of your birth. Western astrologers believe the ascendant signifies your mask, or the face you show to the world.

  1. Review your birth certificate

    Star by looking at your birth certificate to determine your exact time and date of birth. Unlike other planetary signs that can be determined with your date of birth alone, calculating your rising sign requires the date and time of birth.

  2. Find an astrology website

    Use an astrology website to calculate your rising sign. Astrologers usually charge for natal chart calculation and interpretation, but free chart calculators are available online.

  3. Make the calculations based on your birth information

    Enter your birth place, date and time into a natal chart calculator. The rising sign is calculated by comparing the time of your birth relative to the time of dawn on the day you were born. Compare your birth time using a table of rising signs and sun signs, or use all of your birth information to get a full natal chart calculation.

  4. Interpret the results

    Once you have determined your rising sign, interpret the results using an astrology website that provides explanations for the meanings of various ascendant placements. Astrologers believe these results reflect how the world views you.