What Are Rights of Tenants in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, tenant rights include quiet enjoyment, habitability, return of security deposit if no damage to building exists, the right to have a notice of perceived violations and advanced notice of evictions. The rights of Pennsylvania tenants reside in the Pennsylvania Tenant-Landlord Handbook, which also outlines the rights and duties of landlords. The Handbook serves as a legally enforceable guide outlining the basic rights of tenants living around the State of Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Tenant-Landlord Handbook provides an overview of basic rights to help renters and landlords avoid potential problems arising from lease arrangements. The right to quiet enjoyment, as stated in the Handbook, prevents landlords from harassing tenants in any form, whether verbally through phone or in person, or via written communication. That right denies landlords permission to give access to the rented space without notifying tenants first. It also makes unexpected changing of door locks illegal. The habitability provision sets certain living standards for proposed lease spaces in the areas of cleanliness, construction, maintenance and safety. Living spaces must allow access to critical basic resources, such as clean drinking water and electricity. The handbook requires landlords to return security deposits to tenants within 30 days of tenants’ departure, provided no damage occurred. Lastly, the Handbook gives tenants the right to certain remedies following perceived or actual legal violations.