How Do You Get Rid of Wild Violets in the Lawn?

To get rid of wild violets in a lawn, mix dish detergent with a herbicide that contains triclopyr, and apply the mixture to the violets in early fall on a dry day. Avoid watering the lawn for at least two hours, and reapply the mixture the following spring.

  1. Mix a commercial herbicide with liquid dish detergent

    Stir 1 tablespoon of liquid dish detergent into each gallon of herbicide. The dish detergent acts as a surfactant to help the herbicide wet the violet leaves better.

  2. Spray the sections of the lawn that contain wild violets

    Choose a day in the early fall when rain is not predicted. Pour the herbicide-dish detergent mixture into a hose-end or tank sprayer. Evenly apply the mixture to the wild violets. Avoid spraying in flower or vegetable garden areas, or around shrubs. The herbicide kills the violets down to the roots without hurting normal lawn grasses. Wait 24 hours before watering.

  3. Reapply the next spring

    Spray the wild violets with a fresh batch of the herbicide mixture again in the spring after they begin actively growing. This kills any violets that were missed in the fall. Do not water the yard for at least two hours after treating.