How Do I Get Rid of Toadstools From My Lawn?

To eradicate toadstools from your lawn, remove dead vegetation, rake up and bag the toadstools, till the soil, apply nitrogen-rich fertilizer, and monitor the lawn for new toadstools. The supplies you need are a rake, garbage bags, gardening gloves, a hoe, a garden hose and nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

  1. Remove dead vegetation

    Remove all rotting logs, dead plants, tree branches and grass clippings.

  2. Rake up and bag the toadstools

    Use a rake to rip the toadstools out of the ground. Put them in a garbage tag, tie it tightly and put it in a trash can.

  3. Break up the soil

    Use a hoe to break up the soil where you found the toadstools.

  4. Fertilize the lawn

    Put on gardening gloves, and treat the ground with 1 pound of nitrogen-rich fertilizer for every 1000 square feet of lawn. Apply extra fertilizer to the areas prone to toadstool development. Saturate the ground with a garden hose, as this helps the soil absorb the fertilizer. Keep extra fertilizer on hand, and reapply it several times a year.

  5. Monitor the lawn for fresh toadstools

    Inspect the lawn regularly. If the toadstools reappear, rip out the sod or grass in which they are growing, discard it and aerate the soil with a hoe.