How Do You Get Rid of Snakes in Your Yard?

To get rid of snakes on a property, eliminate items that attract snakes, such as piles of debris, and seal the crawlspace and other areas of the home where snakes find shelter. Commercial snake repellents and snake-proof fencing are used to prevent snake infestations. If the snakes are venomous, consider contacting a professional animal control company.

Avoid spreading mulch on the property if snakes are present, and use small pebbles, rather than large stones, when landscaping, to eliminate the snakes’ shelter. Clean the property to remove piles of leaves and other debris that offer the shelter to snakes.

If mice are present, eliminate the rodents to encourage the snakes to move, and seal the home, including the crawlspace, with caulking or another appropriate material to prevent both snakes and rodents from entering. Snake-proof fencing is an option that prevents snakes from entering the property.

To make an existing fence snake-proof, attach hardware cloth to the fence and gates, or install aluminum flashing to the exterior bottom of the fence. Bury the hardware cloth or flashing 2 to 4 inches underground.

An alternative to fencing is to bury aluminum flashing around the perimeter of the property. The flashing should extend 24 inches above ground and 2 to 4 inches below ground level. Use snake repellents according to the instructions on the product packaging.