How Do You Get Rid of Outdoor Moths?

Lavender and mint naturally repel moths. Other natural remedies to ward off moths include ginseng, rosemary, cloves and thyme. Citronella oil also helps to repel moths.

Cotton balls dipped in lavender oil and sachets filled with dried lavender help to repel moths. Mint is another moth repellent that requires filling a sachet bag with dried mint leaves or scattering mint leaves around the premises where moths are bothersome. Cedar wood has been long-recognized as a moth repellent and cedar blocks or cedar chips spread around the area of infestation is extremely helpful. Over time cedar begins to loose its scent. Sand the cedar block lightly or purchase cedar oil and apply it to the block to rejuvenate the scent. If cedar chips are used, replace them when they loose their scent.

Mixing ginseng, rosemary, cloves and thyme together and put them into sachet bags to repel moths for months. Replace the contents when the herbs loose their scent. Another simple trick involves using yellow light bulbs rather than white ones. Moths prefer the brightest light, and white bulbs produce more light than yellow ones. Citronella oil applied to lights during the day also helps ward off moths. Apply the oil during the daylight hours and allow enough time for it to dry. Once evening rolls around and the light is turned on, the oil will heat up and keep moths away. Repeat this method each day during moth season.