How Do You Get Rid of Nerves?

How Do You Get Rid of Nerves?

There are multiple ways to get rid of nerves, or a nervous feeling, in stressful situations. Recommended methods include exercise, deep breathing techniques, longer sleep, keeping a journal and altering perspective.

Various techniques may prove more effective than others depending on the severity of nervousness and the nerve-inducing situation. Exercise reduces general anxiety by eliminating stress-induced hormones and by raising the number of neurotransmitters that help the body relax.

Relaxed breathing patterns work wonders to calm nerves in high-stress and fight-or-flight scenarios. Lengthening the period of exhalation triggers the vagus nerve, which communicates with the brain to engage the parasympathetic nerve system that ultimately calms the body.

Lack of sleep makes a person more susceptible to anxiety and nerves. Writing nervous thoughts in a journal helps get rid of those thoughts and releases the underlying cause of the nervousness.

In most cases nerves are dependent on a specific perspective or way of thinking. Changing a person's frame of mind to consider positive or neutral outcomes to a worrisome situation helps abolish nervousness. This sometimes takes help from a qualified therapist and exposure to those high-stress and nerve-inducing situations. This dramatic change of mind requires mental preparation and constant positive self-reinforcement.