How Do You Get Rid of Mockingbirds?


When getting rid of mockingbirds, there are a number of different methods to choose from. The simplest way to deter mockingbirds from nesting around your home is to alter your landscaping prior to nesting season. Make landscaping changes between September and February.

  1. Eliminate tall trees with perches

    Mockingbirds are notorious for their singing. To prevent them from singing near your window, change your landscaping. In addition to eliminating any tall trees with perches, remove thick shrubs and hedges.

  2. Record the singing of the offending mockingbird

    Play a recording of the bird back to him. This may eventually drive him away to another territory.

  3. Display visual deterrents

    Place statues of birds of prey throughout your yard and near the nesting ground. They need to be illuminated at night and moved during the day so that the bird doesn’t get used to them and realize that they are fake.

  4. Use earplugs

    It is illegal to interfere with nesting mockingbirds and other species that are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. If a mockingbird is disrupting you during nesting season, and your attempts to deter them from your property are ineffective, soft foam earplugs can help you get through the season. When nesting season is over, you can make adjustments to your landscaping to keep them from coming back again the following year.