How Do You Get Rid of Lizards Outside?

Get rid of lizards outside by removing their food supply. Their habitat becomes undesirable, which causes the lizards to relocate. Although lizards help to contain insects, they may migrate indoors.

Lizards go to areas where they can get food such as insects. Eliminate this food supply so that lizards stay away, and then treat those areas of the yard with high insect populations with bug spray. Repeat this treatment daily until the insect population has noticeably thinned and the lizards leave.

Another option is to make the lizards’ habitat undesirable. For instance, purchase an acoustic emitter, and then set it to an ultra-high frequency. While humans cannot hear the sound, lizards can. The sound causes them a great deal of pain. Another method is to spray the area where the lizards are feeding with Tabasco sauce, which is also painful to them.

Finally, catching the lizards to relocate them somewhere else may rid the area of them. However, catching them can be difficult. First, spray them with very cold water. Because they are cold-blooded, this causes their heart rates and movements to slow, which makes them easier to catch. Finally, relocate the lizards to an environment where they may live, such as a nearby wetland.