How Do You Get Rid of Ghosts?

To get rid of ghosts, crack a window in every room of the home and smudge each room with sage; command the spirits to leave in an unemotional and firm tone. Return later on with lavender incense to invite protection, love and positivity into the home.

Smudging the home with sage can provide a spiritual cleansing of the home and send unwanted ghosts away. In some cases, smudging may only slow down the activity temporarily. To smudge the home:

Step1: Open a window in each room

Open up a window in each room of the home. This provides an exit for the ghost when it is commanded out of the home.

Step 2: Burn the sage

Light a sage bundle in each room, being certain to carry around a container for catching the ashes as it burns. Walk around every room and allow the sage's smoke to circulate throughout the space, cleansing the space and any energy present.

Step 3: Ask the ghost to leave

Be firm and do not show emotion as you ask all negative spirits and energies to leave. Create a command and keep repeating it firmly and loudly as you burn the sage from room to room.

Return after the cleansing and burn lavender incense from room to room. This invites positivity and love into the home.