How Do You Get Rid of Crickets Outside?

Get rid of crickets outside by attracting their natural predators to the space and laying baited sticky traps to catch and kill crickets. Keep the populations down by making the area around your home undesirable as a habitat.

  1. Attract predators

    Natural predators of crickets include cats, lizards, birds and non-venomous spiders. Create a welcoming environment for these creatures by giving them a food source in a safe place, free of chemicals and pesticides.

  2. Lay sticky traps

    Place sticky traps baited with cornmeal in areas around home entrances to keep crickets from coming indoors. Also lay sticky traps in damp areas near water sources and around protected areas such as corners and behind trash cans.

  3. Remove the cricket’s habitat

    Do not give crickets a place to live and breed. Remove desirable habitats by keeping bushes trimmed off the ground, removing piles of leaves and yard debris, and keeping protected areas, such as wood piles, clean and off the ground when possible.

  4. Apply insecticide

    Organic pyrethrum or rotenone-based insecticides can be used to control cricket populations. Chemical pesticides are also available at garden centers. For best results, apply pesticides to affected areas when crickets are still in their nymph stage, up to 90 days after they hatch.