What Are Some of the Richest Countries in the World?


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Qatar, Luxembourg, Singapore, Brunei and Kuwait are the countries with the highest gross domestic product per capita, as of October 2015. China, the United States, India, Japan and Germany are the countries with the largest GDPs overall.

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Qatar has an average GDP per capita of $133,040. Qatar's fortune stems from its oil and natural gas reserves and its investment in foreign business and real estate. Luxembourg has an average GDP per capita of $100,779. Because of Luxembourg's very small size and borders with advanced European nations, the country has no need to invest heavily in infrastructure or the military. As a result, the government uses its assets for investment and provides a favorable financial environment for private industry.

Singapore has an average GDP per capita of $84,901. Singapore has benefited financially from its natural harbor and its strategic location for multinational corporations. Brunei has an average GDP per capita of $78,476, and Kuwait has an average of $70,259. The economies of Brunei and Kuwait depend heavily on their oil reserves.

China's total GDP in October 2015 was approximately $19.5 trillion. China has one of the world's largest manufacturing industries and exports goods all around the world. The United States' total GDP is approximately $18 trillion.

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