What Rhymes With “better?”

Some two-syllable words that rhyme with “better” include “wetter,” “letter,” “sweater” and “setter.” Three-syllable words that rhyme with “better” include “chain letter,” “black setter,” “air letter” and “love letter.” Some four-syllable words that rhyme with “better” are “Irish setter,” “open letter” and scarlet letter.”

Although any word that ends with the suffix “er” may not rhyme, many “er” words are often paired together as rhyming phrases in songs. An example in popular music is the Christina Aguilera song “Figher,” in which the words “stronger,” “fighter,” “wiser” and “thicker” are all imperfectly rhymed with other words ending in “er.” The word “better” imperfectly rhymes with all of these terms. The same rhyme can be also used in multiple lines in a work in order to create a monorhyme. When utilizing a monorhyme with the word “better,” all of a poem or lyric’s rhymes would contain the “etter” rhyme. The rhymes can occur in the middle of each line as well as at the end.

Like any rhyming words and phrases, words that rhyme with “better” help increase phonological awareness in both children and other beginning readers. Nursery rhyme books simply introduce rhyming words and phrases to fledgling readers in a relaxed environment to help foster recollection and memorization.