What Are Some Retirement Party Games?

Oppenheim Bernhard/Stone/Getty Images

Some games you can play at a retirement party include having a “what’s next” competition, a trivia game based on the retiree’s career and even a clock-smashing competition. All the games should be light-hearted in nature and give the honoree a warm farewell.

To play “what’s next,” give everyone at the party a piece of paper and something to write with. Each person has to come up with the most creative thing they think the honoree plans to do or should do after retiring. Adventurous activities like skydiving, or outlandish or humorous activities, such as becoming the next hottest DJ on the dance scene are just a few ideas. Gather all of the ideas, and read them out loud. The retiree chooses his favorite answer, and the person whose idea wins receives a small prize.

To play a retirement-themed trivia game, come up with several questions related to the retiree’s career and work habits. Suggested questions include: “What was his first job after college?” “What is his meticulous coffee order?” “What is his biggest company success?” Do the trivia like a game show, with teams buzzing in with the answer, or make it a paper quiz.

A clock-smashing competition represents how the retiree does not have to worry about being on time anymore. To play it safe and not have real clock parts flying everywhere, have piñatas made in the shape of small alarm clocks. Divide the guests into teams, and give each one a piñata clock and a mallet. Team members take turns smashing the alarm clock until a judge chooses which team has obliterated its clock the best. An alternative is to make one large piñata clock and have the retiree smash it, revealing his favorite type of candy or sweets hidden inside.