What Are Some Resources to Research Wicca and Magic?


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Some resources to research Wicca and magic include Wicca.org, Wicca-Spirituality.com, Witchology.com and Witchcraft.com. Wicca, a Pagan religion introduced in England in the 1940s, is duotheistic and involves worshipping both the Moon Goddess and the Horned God. Some Wiccans utilize magic by casting spells within a sacred circle to enact change.

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Wicca.org offers correspondence courses on essential witchcraft, astral travel and mystical awareness. Wicca-Spirituality.com offers information, courses, books and supplies. Witchology.com provides courses, resources, books and newsletters. Witchcraft.com, in addition to providing information about Wicca and witchcraft, offers a history of witchcraft going back to its origin, a witchcraft dictionary, and both witchcraft and Wiccan spells.

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