What Are Some Resources for Dream Interpretation?

What Are Some Resources for Dream Interpretation?

Find resources for dream interpretation on the Dream Moods website, which includes a searchable dream symbol database and information about dreaming and dream interpretation. Another place to explore the meanings behind dreams is DreamDictionary.org.

In 2015, Dream Moods has a dream symbol dictionary with a collection of 5,900 keywords and 20,000 different meanings available for people searching for keys to interpret their dreams. While the list of symbols is vast, the meanings behind each symbol are subject to interpretation, and individuals should use the dictionary as a starting point for dream exploration.

In addition to the dream dictionary, Dream Moods also includes dream history, research, facts and types. There are also categories dedicated to common dreams and a dream bank that involves dreams that users have submitted for analysis.

When analyzing dreams, every detail, even those that seem insignificant, is important, according to Dream Moods. Each symbol can communicate information about a mood, feeling or memory. Often symbols are related to the unconscious mind and indicate something hidden in a person's life. The person most qualified to interpret dreams is the dreamer.

DreamDictionary.org also offers an extensive dream dictionary, as well as categories for common and recurring dreams, among others.