What Resources Can Help Me Pay My Rent?

Yuji Sakai/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Resources that may provide individual assistance with paying rent include government housing choice vouchers, federal government housing programs, state housing finance agents, local and state housing counseling programs, community action agencies, private donors, corporations, charity organizations and nonprofit agencies. State rental assistance programs may also provide assistance with rent payments.

When applying for rental assistance through a federal, state or local rental assistance program, renters need to show financial need or meet income qualifications, list any medical problems or disabilities and note age, as there are rental assistance programs dedicated to senior citizens. After the application or evaluation process, government agencies may offer assistance by placing individuals in housing that is designated for low-income families or offer financial aid, grants or loans to help pay for rent in an existing residence. Private organizations and corporations often sponsor an individual in financial distress with cash assistance with a referral from community center representatives, shelter employees and volunteers at food pantries. Charity and nonprofit organizations, such as Catholic Charities, the American Red Cross or Lutheran Services in America may offer assistance through cash donations for rent or assistance with relocating when a person is in need of shelter as a result of eviction.